11 Common Altoz TRX Mower Problems & Troubleshooting Guide

The Altoz TRX is a tracked zero-turn mower that is on the cutting edge of lawn care. The TRX Mower gets every job done and does it with ease. Whether you have a small yard or a large one, the TRX mower can handle it all. 

It’s perfect for medium to large lawns, acreages, and farms. This equipment is designed for professionals who need a high-powered mower with a lot of power to get through tough terrain. 

However, this does not mean that you might face no challenges or problems when using the Altoz TRX Mower. There are many common problems that people might have with these types of mowers, which we will discuss in this article.

Altoz TRX Mower Problems & Troubleshooting Tips

One of the most noticeable differences between the TRX series and all the other mowers in the industry is its innovative design. Unlike any other mower, this one has tracks. 

With this mower, you can mow virtually any hill. Hill climbing is a breeze with it. But it has some common problems that all lawnmowers have. The following are some of the problems you might face with an Altoz TRX mower:

1. Problem With Tearing Turf

Altoz TRX Mower is a high-end product that comes with a lot of benefits. But it also has some downsides. The first one is tearing turf. It can be very easy to tear turf with the track on this mower, especially if you are not careful enough while driving it around the lawn.

Although the TRX Mowers are designed to be as gentle on your lawn as possible, it can be very easy to tear turf with the track because it has such large tracks instead of wheels, which are not usually found on other types of mowers.

I would never use this on nice residential lawns, though, as it can be too heavy for that type of terrain, making it difficult to maneuver around trees and other obstacles. It is simply not a good choice for people who have nice lawns. 

2. Lack Of LED Lights 

One of the most common complaints about the TRX series model mowers is that they lack LED lights. Unfortunately, you will have to buy them separately if you want them on your machine.

This can cause problems for customers because they need light to see what they are doing while using the machine, especially during dusk or dawn hours when it’s hard for them to see anything without some light source illuminating their path ahead.

Most users are not happy that this machine does not come with LED lights. They think that they should be included in the price of this machine because it is expensive, and it would be more convenient to have them included.

While it is true that you will have to buy LED lights separately, they are not expensive, and they will make your mowing experience much more enjoyable. 

3. Lacks Cutting Quality

Additionally, the TRX series models are not recommended as regular zero-turn mowers due to their poor cutting quality. Despite their decent cutting performance, these mowers do not offer the best cutting quality. The following are some of the problems you may encounter and how to troubleshoot them.

The first problem you may encounter is that the blades do not cut grass evenly. This can be due to a dull blade or an uneven surface on your lawn. To fix this, ensure that your blades are sharpened and that your lawn has an even surface with no bumps or dips.

That being said, with tall grass such as Bahia grass, TRX mowers perform exceptionally well. In addition, it is especially useful to bring TRX zero-turn mowers to places where regular zero-turn mowers cannot be brought for routine maintenance.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Altoz TRX series is not intended for regular mowing jobs; instead, they’re ideal for steep inclines and rough terrain. You should also take care when using an Altoz TRX mower. Otherwise, the mower may ruin the look of your lawn.

4. Some TRX Mowers From Altoz Don’t Drive Straight

The drive bars on zero-turn mowers require varying pressure levels to steer, so some beginners may find it difficult to steer, leading to the mower moving irregularly. 

This is a standard drawback in many zero-turn mowers. A hiccup can occur when the caster wheels malfunction. Also, having an uneven driving pattern can result in an unevenly mowed lawn. 

The more you practice, the easier it will be to establish a straight driving rhythm. Inspect the front wheels for damage and address it if necessary.

5. Rubber Mats Are Not Included

It is common for premium mowers to have rubber mats because rubber mats increase friction during the mow. However, TRX mowers lack rubber flooring, unlike other products of the same grade.

Altoz TRX mowers do not include rubber mats because they were designed for people who needed a mower for rougher terrain. Therefore, as an alternative to TRX models, you should consider other options if you intend to mow on surfaces with moderate inclines.

6. Problematic Decks And Blades With Altoz TRX Mowers

Several Altoz TRX problems can be attributed to the deck and blades, mainly concerning cutting quality. Adjusting the deck might be difficult for novice users due to its weight. Rough cuts may result from improper deck levels. Low decks can increase engine temperatures if they are too low.

Dirt and grass clippings may accumulate on the mower deck, causing the mower to vibrate. If you suspect something is amiss with your machine, you must inspect the deck and blades. Also, ensure the cutters are in good condition after cleaning the deck.

You will have an unsightly yard if you have dull, damaged, and imbalanced blades. Sharpening and balancing your cutters regularly will prevent this problem. Damaged blades can be replaced, but you must replace them as a set.

7. On More Luxurious Premium Landscapes, Tracks Become More Aggressive

Mowing plush grass regularly can leave an unsightly mess on the landscape if the user is not an expert or does not have proper knowledge and experience.

The tracks get more aggressive on more plush premium landscapes, so there is a possibility of tearing or messing up the landscapes when you mow. Unfortunately, you will only experience this if you are unfamiliar with using and controlling your mower.

However, TRX series models provide smoother performance on rough terrain thanks to their lower traction grade. The smoother performance of these mowers will appeal to experienced professionals riding mowers on plush landscapes.

These mowers will have a pretty good cut quality if they are used in the right environment. However, they are not the best mowers for cutting grass. If I were taking care of a nice yard, I might consider other options before choosing this mower.

8. Problems With The Altoz TRX Engine

Engine problems are a common problem with zero-turn mowers—even though Kawasaki engines power all Altoz TRX models, which are reliable and less prone to complications. As a result, you may experience sudden stalling, overheating, and difficulty starting the engine.

Low-cutting decks, insufficient oil, and blocked air vents may cause the engine to overheat. If the oil level is low, check it and refill it. In addition, the air vent needs to be unclogged, and the deck needs to be adjusted to a workable height.

In most cases, problems with the fuel line will cause problems with starting and sudden stops. The fuel you are using might be low quality or the wrong kind. 

Use the right gas and flush the fuel system to fix this. In addition, faulty fuel pumps and blocking of fuel lines can cause fuel line problems. Make sure the mower is working properly by addressing the issues.

It is also possible to have a hard start if the starter fails or the battery is low. Start the mower by replacing the starter and using a different battery.

9. Riders Must Be Well-Versed In The Use Of This Mower

Altoz manufactures each TRX model with advanced technology to offer a lighter machine with greater power. The TRX series of mowers is a premium-level product, so operating and controlling them requires more knowledge and expertise.

However, Altoz TRX mowers are not for beginners, as they can be difficult to operate and access. Therefore, it’s important to use your knowledge and expertise when using TRX mowers on your lawn to determine whether the track will slow you down.

To make an optimal turn, you’ll need to pay more attention to every turn you make. Thus, users need to know how to handle mowers correctly and have additional expertise.

10. Hard To Maintain Altoz TRX Tracks

Despite their numerous benefits, tracks are also the source of some Altoz TRX issues, especially regarding maintenance. Repairing a broken track on your mower is more complex than fixing a flat tire. Depending on their experience, you may need to hire someone to check them out, which can be expensive.

There is no need to worry about the tracks as they are durable and will last a long time. For instructions on how to care for the tracks, refer to the provided user guide.

11. Needs To Improve After-Sale Support

The Altoz TRX commercial grade zero turn lawn mower is perfect for people who want to start their own landscaping company. It has a powerful engine and can maneuver through rough terrain with ease. 

The only downside is that it has fewer dealers than other brands, so it may be hard to find one in your area. They need to focus on customer service and increase the number of dealerships they have.

What Other Users Have To Say:

Commercial mowing has a lot of flat tires, so at least you won’t have to worry about that.

One of the best machines in the business. Let’s hope there’s an electric version soon. Altoz rocks.

It works best on hilly terrain and as a brush cutter. Unfortunately, certain parts of the country don’t have them as readily available-so.

Find out where your nearest dealer is. Any brand of ZT mowers is only worth buying if you have a dealer nearby.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Altoz has a dedicated R&D, design, and engineering team that came up with this highly efficient range to solve the common shortcoming of zero-turn mowers.

Most professionals love their mowers because they’re easy to use. Unfortunately, the Altoz brand still has a long way to go since the company lacks distribution and dealers. Customers are also complaining about after-sales service and availability.

They’re probably still working on the distribution and customer support since it’s still new in this line of business. However, I hope Altoz is available to the masses soon.

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