6 Common Simplicity Mower Deck Problems And Troubleshooting Guide

Whether you are using a Regent or a Broadmoor, one thing is for certain, Simplicity Motor Corps sure know how to make fine, high-quality lawnmowers. And it really should come as no surprise considering the years of experience they have in the landscaping industry.

Now lawnmowers can be tricky. If you don’t take care of them, they can start performing poorly. And while it may seem like a problem with the quality of the mower to the uninitiated, a seasoned gardener with experience knows that the fault lies with the user.

The mower deck is a vital part of any lawnmower since it’s the part that’s responsible for holding the blades and adjusting the cutting height. And when it starts showing issues due to poor maintenance, you will notice a major decline in the overall cutting performance of your lawnmower.

In this article, I will talk about some of the common problems that can occur in your Simplicity lawnmower’s cutting deck and help you find solutions to these problems. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Common Issues With The Simplicity Mower Deck And How To Fix Them

Most of the lawnmowers from Simplicity come with a well-balanced and adjusted cutting deck, at least when you buy it. But over time, several issues might start popping up here and there. Some common problems include uneven blade height, wobbling deck, and many more.

In this section, I will discuss some of the common problems that you might notice. Don’t worry; all of these issues are fixable, so you don’t need to think about a replacement mower just yet.

1. Uneven Cuts

The most common issue that many landscapers face with their riding mower is that it starts leaving uneven cuts on the grass. Now, it’s understandable how this can be a frustrating issue, but look at the bright side – the problem is not that difficult to diagnose and fix.

Some of the main reasons why this issue comes up are an unlevel mower deck, dirty or dull mower blades, or a damaged deck. The first thing you want to check is if there is debris or grass clippings stuck in your deck between the blades. If you find any, remove the blockage.

Then, check the condition of the blade and resharpen them if they seem dull. However, if the blades are chipped or dented, it’s best to replace them; trying to fix them is not worth the hassle.

You also need to check the mower deck and make sure that it’s level. You can use a measuring scale to check this. If the deck seems level, the blades are perfect, and there is no dirt or debris messing things up, then you need to replace the deck.

2. Stuck Blades

The blades in the deck of a lawnmower are designed to spin and trim down the grass as you ride over it. However, sometimes the blades in the deck can get stuck. And once the blades in your deck stop spinning, it can no longer cut the grass.

You see, blades or anything made of metal require lubrication if you want them to spin without issues. And if the lubrication in your blade is non-existent, it will have a hard time spinning and cutting smoothly. To fix that, all you need to do is apply a bit of blade oil.

Sometimes, rusty blades can also be the culprit, so make sure you inspect the condition of the blade. If the blades are rusty, applying lubrication can get them working for a while. But it will get stuck again eventually.

So, replacing a rusty blade is always the better approach. To prevent future occurrences of this problem, make sure you lubricate and sharpen your blades regularly.

3. Wobbling In The Mower Deck

Another problem that a lot of users face with their Simplicity lawnmowers is that the deck starts to wobble. This is a pretty common sight in lawnmowers that has seen regular use for a couple of years. The main reason behind a wobbly mower deck is poor maintenance.

It’s natural for the blades in the deck to get unbalanced if you use the mower regularly. And dirt getting inside the pulley is also not unheard of. This can lead to the drive belt getting damaged, which ultimately leads to a jittery mowing deck.

While it might be more sensible to simply take your mower to a repair shop to get it fixed, there are certainly some things you can try. First of all, inspect the drive belt for any signs of damage and replace it if you find any. Then you need to readjust and reseat the belts.

You might also need to readjust the mowing deck and clean out the insides. The instruction manual included with your mower should have all the information regarding proper deck adjustments.

4. Weird Rattling Noise

Lawnmowers, by design, make a lot of ruckuses when you use them. However, the noise that the engine and motor makes is sort of like a gentle hum. And if you suddenly start noticing a weird rattling sound from the lawnmower, this usually indicates a problem.

Most people think that a rattling noise means a problem with the engine. And while it might be true in some cases, most of the time, the mower deck is responsible for it. The two most common reasons behind this rattling noise are that the deck assembly is loose, or the blades are rusty.

As you might guess, the first thing to check here is the condition of the blade. If the blades are rusted or if debris is stuck between them, your lawnmower will make a lot of weird noises when you use it.

However, if the blades are fine, then the most likely suspect here is the deck assembly. Check the screws and tighten any screws that got loose. This should get rid of the noise coming from the mower deck.

5. Step Cut Issue

I have already talked about what you should do if your mower starts cutting the grass unevenly. But if it is making step cuts, the solution might be a bit different. While step cuts can also be caused by an unleveled mowing deck, the most probable reason behind it is bent blades.

So, if your lawnmower is making step cuts, you probably need to replace the blade, as they might be damaged beyond repair. However, before you do that, try realigning the mowing deck and see if that fixes your problem.

6. Blades Won’t Engage

Another issue that some users complain about with their Simplicity lawnmowers is that the cutting blades do not engage. And if the issue persists even when you install fresh new blades in the deck, then it can be quite annoying.

Typically, there are three possibilities that you need to consider if you suddenly notice that the blades are not engaging in your lawnmower. The first possibility is that the deck got dirt or debris stuck inside, which creates obstruction in the mechanism and not allowing the blades to engage. Removing the blockage should fix it.

Another possibility is that the blades are not properly installed. In that case, you need to reseat the blade and reattach the screws and check if that fixes it. And if that fails too, then this means your mower deck is damaged, and you need to replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of questions that people have asked me over the years about their Simplicity lawnmowers.

1. Does the mowing deck in my Simplicity mower need to be perfectly level?

Yes, the mowing deck in any lawnmower should be perfectly level. A level mowing deck will ensure a consistent cutting height which will result in a smooth grass level by the time you are done mowing your lawn.

If the mowing deck is unleveled, it can lead to step cuts or uneven cuts, which never look good.

2. How do I adjust the deck in my Simplicity lawnmower?

There are some design differences between the different lawnmowers by Simplicity. In most cases, you need to loosen the front nut first. Then rotating the rear nut will let you lower the front of the mowing deck.

You can then extend the rod by moving the bracket backward. I would recommend reading through the included owner’s manual for more information about it.

Final Thoughts

Simplicity Motors is a pretty popular brand to go with if you are buying a new lawnmower. But after reading through the problems that I listed above; you might be wondering if going with them is really a wise decision. Well, it is. 

You see, with regular maintenance and care, you can prevent most of the issues that I talked about. The only reason they ever come up is if the operator neglects his maintenance duties.

So, the fault lies almost entirely on the user. I hope my article on the Simplicity mower deck problems could help you restore the deck in your lawnmower. Good luck!

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